August 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Check Out The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Receive About Guardian Caps Q: Does the NFL wear Guardian Caps? A: Yes, the NFL mandated Guardian Caps for the 2023 season with expanded use from the original 2022 preseason mandate.  The new mandate includes all practices preseason, regular season,

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NFL Training Camp

As the anticipation builds for another thrilling NFL season, one critical aspect takes center stage even before the first kickoff: training camp. It's the time when players and coaches come together to fine-tune strategies, harness raw talent, and lay the foundation for a successful season ahead. We are excited that Guardian Caps were worn

2024-03-01T10:16:58-05:00August 18th, 2023|Football, Guardian Caps|

Ultimate Georgia Football

Guardian Caps X Ultimate Georgia Football We are excited to announce Guardian Caps partnership with Ultimate Georgia Football to help protect these athletes and get them to the next level. It's never too early to prioritize safety—whether in tournaments, in college, or in the NFL. Join the movement and get a quote for the

2023-08-25T15:20:45-04:00August 7th, 2023|Football, Guardian Caps|
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