October 2020

Can’t Miss Virtual Lacrosse Conventions

The game of lacrosse is always changing and developing – on the field and off the field. As a lacrosse player or coach, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest developments and trends. The best way to do this (besides practicing and playing the game, of course) is to attend Lacrosse conventions.

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High School Football Matchups of the Week

Welcome to another week of high school football matchups! As we approach Halloween, we can celebrate the treat of many great games being played under the lights this weekend. Best of luck to all the teams slugging it out in the playoffs. With all the uncertainty of this past year, it is good to remember

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High School Football Matchups of the Week

Here are some of our top high school football matchups of the week. Welcome back to another exciting week of high school football. Friday Night Lights has looked different this year as many teams have been forced to delay or reschedule their seasons due to Covid-19. However, there is still a lot of football to

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What are the differences in PEARL lacrosse balls?

What are the differences in PEARL lacrosse balls? Since creating “The Pearl” back in 2016, Guardian Sports continued to innovate and expand our product lines within lacrosse creating a company solely dedicated to lacrosse, PEARL. We know buying lacrosse balls can be more confusing than it should be, so we wanted to simplify it for

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