March 2021

2nd Skull: Top FAQs

We wanted to address our most common questions about 2nd Skull products.  “Does 2nd Skull impact the fit of the helmet?” 2nd Skull products feature thin, 2 millimeter XRD® impact-absorbing technology for superior protection. The thin profile makes helmet fitting a seamless experience with minimal adjustments needed. “What's the difference between the 2nd Skull Cap

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Save on Reconditioning Costs with Guardian Caps

Are your helmets getting chewed up? Wondering why too many of your helmets are getting rejected at the end of the year? Spending too much money and time on decals? You may be asking yourself some of these questions. Guardian Caps not only reduce impact during practice, but they also protect the shell of the helmet.

2021-03-25T18:55:13-04:00March 25th, 2021|Football|

The Technology Behind 2nd Skull

A few months ago, we announced the launch of our new safety-focused products -- 2nd Skull Protective Headgear. 2nd Skull offers superior protection for all players in all sports.  2nd Skull products are scientifically engineered to reduce impact.  How is this possible? XRDⓇ Technology. Every 2nd Skull product comes with a thin layer of lightweight

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Gearing up for the 2021 Season – March Coaching Agenda

The whistles have stopped blowing.The band has quit playing.The 25 second clock has been unplugged.The jerseys have been washed, dried and hung up for next season. The football season has come to a close and now what do Coaches do during this time? REST (well, not really)! For most coaches the High School football season

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