August 2020

How do teachers feel about Covid-19?

Face Masks for Teachers By: an anonymous friend who is in her 11th year of teaching elementary students I peeked in my classroom today for the first time in 5 months, and it was unrecognizable. The desks that were once grouped to encourage collaboration are now spaced 3 feet apart. The cozy chairs are in

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Why Should I Sanitize My School?

As schools begin to reopen, we’ve had many principals, nurses, facility managers, and superintendents ask "what are some strategies to sanitize my school and classrooms?" Each school has different needs, but seems to require the same essentials. At Guardian, we’ve worked hard to manufacture and source the best equipment to help in your school reopening.

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Where Can I Order All of My PPE for COVID?

In light of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Guardian now has an array of PPE products for COVID available at our Georgia facility ready to ship - Liquid Hand Sanitizer, Gel Hand Sanitizer, Daily Civilian Masks, Surface Disinfectant, and Multi-Surface Sanitizer Wipes. Our founders also own a veteran chemical engineering company, The Hanson Group that they started in 1996.  When the pandemic

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Ethyl Alcohol vs Isopropyl Alcohol in Hand Sanitizer?

What is the difference between ethyl alcohol vs isopropyl alcohol? Isopropyl Alcohol, also known as IPA or Isopropanol, is a synthetic alcohol made from propene which is derived from crude oil.  Most know isopropyl alcohol as the household rubbing alcohol.  Isopropyl alcohol is the precursor to acetone and is used in nail polish remover, paint

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What types of masks should I wear for COVID-19? Are all masks the same?

3-Ply isn't just a trusty toilet paper What are the different types of masks available to me during COVID-19 and are all protective masks the same? According to the CDC, masks are recommended to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) spreads through respiratory droplets produced when a person coughs, sneezes, talks or raises

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Why are Hand Sanitizers being recalled by the FDA? What is safe sanitizer?

Unless you have been living under a rock (looking at you Jerod Leto), it is obvious the need for hand sanitizer sky-rocketed in the past few months.  Yet recently, a long list of hand sanitizer was recalled by the FDA.  Which begs the question, is Guardian PolyArmor Hand Sanitizer safe to use? In short, the

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NFL Testing Validates Benefit of Guardian Caps

The league tested and will now permit use of The Guardian Cap in NFL practices Atlanta, GA – August 11, 2020 – The NFL and NFLPA have decided to permit the Guardian Cap NXT to be used by lineman in NFL practices. The Guardian Cap is a soft-shell cover that retrofits all football helmets. This

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