Saints Donating Guardian Caps

Saints Giving Back

We are so excited to see players/staff from the New Orleans Saints football team promoting health and safety by donating Guardian Caps to local high school teams of their choice. It is inspiring to see NFL players who have been in these high school athletes’ shoes giving back to make sure they are better protected. The Saints General Manager, Mickey Loomis, stated that he would match the number of Caps for any player/staff member who would like to donate them to a high school. This has been a very successful way for NFL players to give back to their communities while also ensuring the game they love is safer.

Saints Staff and Players

Coaches from local high school football programs visited the Ochsner Sports Performance Center on Thursday, June 13, 2024 where Mickey Loomis, Dennis Allen, Erik McCoy, Cam Jordan, Tyrann Mathieu, D’Marco Jackson, Nephi Sewell and Saints staff donated Guardian Caps to local high school football programs.

“Mickey Loomis came up with this idea. We want to make this game of tackle football safe for all kids. We felt like this was one way that we could go about doing that.”

– Dennis Allen

“We have made this available to all of the coaches, all of the players, where we could sponsor local high schools. Each player was matched by the Saints Organization to provide the number of Guardian Caps needed for your high school football team.

– Dennis Allen

” I appreciate the fact that you guys think that it is important for your players to wear Guardian Caps and make this game as safe as we can for the youth in the New Orleans Community.”

– Dennis Allen

Derek Carr

Derek Carr is a Quarterback for the Saints after playing for the Las Vegas Raiders. He delivered Guardian Caps to East Jefferson High School to promote health and safety in football.

“Now, they’ve created these helmets and Guardian Caps to continue to promote safety. So we can continue to play the game that we love for as long as we possibly can.”

– Derek Carr, Quarterback

“The kids are going to be excited to use it. As coaches, we’re excited to have them for the protection and to help the parents ease their mind about that extra protection the players will have.

– Brian Glover, Head Coach East Jefferson High School

Payton Turner

Payton Turner is a Defensive End for the Saints after playing college football at the University of Houston. Following his hometown donation in Houston, Payton continues to promote player safety in football by donating Guardian Caps to Haynes Academy in Metairie.

“To be able to encourage kids to keep playing and staying safe while they’re doing so. I think that’s big, especially in the community that I’m in, right here in New Orleans and Metairie.”

– Payton Turner, Defensive End

“Guardian Caps, go on top of yall’s helmets. All the NFL teams wear them, but these are for yall. I hope you enjoy them and just stay safe out there and keep playing ball.”

– Payton Turner, Defensive End

Better Protect Your Players with Guardian Caps

We are excited that the Saints are leading the way in the NFL by donating to their community and taking the next step in player safety.