At Guardian we have a true passion for better protecting athletes. We aim to continually develop technologies that can enhance sports equipment. Our goal has always been to advance technologies to bridge the gap between the products that athletes deserve/need and what is currently available on the market.

Silver Guardian Cap


NFL Mandates Guardian Caps for the 2023 Season with Expanded Use

Guardian Cap on field


Reducing impact for football players, one hit at a time


Lacrosse balls that are built different
Guardian Bio Based TPE Infill


Manufacturing sustainable, bio-based TPE Infill


“We train to reduce injuries, we practice smarter to reduce injuries, and we use the best technology available to us to reduce injuries. At Bergen Catholic we want to put our players in the best uniforms, the best equipment, and take every measure to limit the risks of the game. We definitely believe the Guardian Cap is one of these technological improvements.”
Nunzio Campanile, Head Football Coach, Bergen Catholic High School, New Jersey

“Practice has been wonderful. It has been healthy, it’s been safe, it’s been sound, all thanks to Guardian Caps.”

Deion Sanders, NFL Hall of Famer
“We believe in wearing Guardian Caps to further protect our players. We treat the caps like it’s part of their everyday equipment and it’s mandatory to wear.”
Coach Matt Logan, Centennial High School, California
“People don’t really appreciate what an O-lineman and a D-lineman goes through. They’re facing impact – not only in a game, and they’re getting 80 plays in a game – but then you see how they practice. The impact on those kids…there’s impact on every snap of every play.”
Matt Campbell, Head Football Coach, Iowa State University, Iowa
“If we’re talking about putting more padding around a kid’s head on a football field, I’m all for that. I mean, it makes sense right? I have my own son in one.”
Andy Lowry, Head Football Coach, Columbine High School, Colorado 2012 AFCA Power of Influence Award Recipient
“I wanted to let you know that we had 0 concussions after our 1st order of 20. We placed 8 on the kids that had previously received a concussion and put the remaining 12 on our hardest hitters (to protect others). We will all be wearing them from now on!”
Matt Putnam, Head Football Coach, Hazel Green High School, Alabama

“We currently have some clubs using them,” “(Through testing) we’ve found some beneficial aspects with some of the hits, a reduction in force. At the high school level, it can be an important component, but it’s got to be one component of the overall strategy of reducing contact. You want to think about how you practice, how contact is modified, technique. You have to make sure (the thought is not) ‘I’ve got this thing protecting my head, I can go use it as a battering ram’. You have to talk about how to not use the head. It’s a chain with many links.”

Dr. Allen Sills, NFL Chief Medical Officer

“The Guardian Cap provided that extra layer of protection you needed during practice. The last thing you want is to lose players on the offensive and defensive lines to head injuries during practice or training camp. The Cap helped reduce some of those injuries and was useful to our team last season.”

David Edwards, NFL Los Angeles Rams OL

“Easy Choice! We beat the ever-loving snot out of them last year and they never lose their grip!”

Jacob Paylo, Colonial Forge High School Lacrosse

“Pearls are the best balls on the market in my opinion. Grip on a ball in lacrosse was one of the most important things to me as a player and still is as a coach.”

Tyler Granelli, Assistant Coach, Jacksonville University Men’s Lacrosse


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