The quality and durability of a lacrosse ball is crucial to a player’s performance. PEARL has made it our mission to bring you top-tier quality, so you don’t waste your time on low quality reps with greasers. PEARL X and LT bring innovation and different distinct features that other balls on the market don’t. Whether you’re a player seeking the prefect practice ball or a coach looking to equip your team with reliable gear, understanding the differences between PEARL X vs LT can help you make an informed decision on what PEARL is best for you. In this blog, we’ll delve into the specific characteristics of each, exploring what makes them unique and how they can elevate your game.


Traditional lacrosse balls are made from vulcanized rubber overseas and tend to grease up and go out of spec shortly after the first couple uses. PEARL X is the first lacrosse ball re-engineered to never grease or harden, staying in spec longer than your typical lacrosse ball. This is due to its unique formula, which is made out of elastomer rather than rubber, saving you money by not having to consistently replenish your bucket over time. The only time you will ever have to refill your bucket is if you lose your balls.

PEARL X is made in the USA and trusted by the best in the game by being the official ball of all collegiate championships.


PEARL LT is the first textured lacrosse ball certified for game play. Like other lacrosse balls, PEARL LT is still made out of rubber, however its slight texture delays the effects of greasing and prolongs its performance outlasting your typical lacrosse ball. PEARL LT is SEI certified and meets NOCSAE official game specifications.

In conclusion, PEARL X and LT have one main goal, to bring quality performance and top tier equipment to the lacrosse community. This allows players to focus on making every rep count, working on muscle memory and not changing their form for a greaser. Choosing between the PEARL X vs LT lacrosse balls ultimately comes down to your needs. Both options provide an elevated playing and training experience. Built different so you will never waste a rep.