How do teachers feel about Covid-19?

face masks for teachers are different but safe

Face Masks for Teachers

By: an anonymous friend who is in her 11th year of teaching elementary students

I peeked in my classroom today for the first time in 5 months, and it was unrecognizable. The desks that were once grouped to encourage collaboration are now spaced 3 feet apart. The cozy chairs are in storage and my teacher desk is overflowing with face masks, shields, and hand sanitizer for teachers and students. The water fountains have been disabled and my child friendly posters have been replaced with safety protocol. Does it feel safe? Absolutely. Does it feel like an elementary school? Definitely not. It feels sterile and hollow. Everyone wants school life to return to normal but this is not normal.  I worry for my students, not that they will get Covid-19, but for their social and emotional well-being.  But teachers are resilient and creative and have the capacity to redesign the face of curriculum with a smile, even if that smile is covered by a face mask.

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