Guardian Caps in the NFL

Guardian Cap in the NFL

 Guardian Caps won the NFL HeadHealth Tech Challenge in 2017. In the past six years, there has been immense growth and expansion of Guardian Caps use in the NFL. 

2023 Data From the NFL

The NFL hosted a health and safety-focused media briefing during the 2023 Fall League Meeting with Rich McKay, Jeff Miller and Dr. Allen Sills. When addressing health and safety initiatives Dr. Sills stated “Concussions and Guardian Caps in the preseason remain a substantial success. Regarding Training Camp concussions, we are at a seven year low.”

NFL Commissioner Talking About Caps

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell joined First Take with Stephen A. Smith to discuss the benefits of Guardian Caps, and their success in NFL training camp & practices.

Caps Are Backed By Science

Guardian Caps are backed by science and have been tested by multiple institutions including, Biocore, Stanford University, and Oregon Ballistic Laboratories. The most recent studies (Biocore Labs and Stanford University) show a reduction of HARM (head acceleration response metric) up to 40%.

From youth teams to the pros, Guardian Caps are being used by over 300,000+ athletes nationwide to reduce impact of daily blows. See which teams wear Guardian Caps to better protect their players. To request more information, contact our team.