Hear From Our Caps Moms

Hear From Our Caps Moms

At Guardian Sports we have a true passion for protecting athletes, and we aim to continually develop technologies that can enhance sports equipment. Our goal remains the same: advance technologies to bridge the gap between the products that athletes deserve/need and what is currently available on the market.

We are thankful that our Caps Moms understand and support our mission to better protect athletes. Listen to a few of our Caps moms explaining why they support Guardian Caps and how Caps have impacted their lives.

It’s crazy how your perspective on football changes when it’s your son playing. I was raised watching football listening to fans cheer those big hits. But it’s a whole different thing when it’s your son going helmet to helmet with another player – that’s when that loud crack takes on a whole new meaning.

“It just gives me so much more peace of mind as a mom. It scares me, you know, the injuries. But, the boys love football. So, anything that protects them more to play the game they love, is a huge blessing.”

“As a mom, it can never be too much to have protection. I’m not looking at the four years at UGA, I’m looking at when Tate’s a dad, when he has kids, that his cognitive ability will be there. The protection it offers him, is so much more.”

“If Reese has the Guardian Cap on, it gives me that extra security blanket as a mom to make me feel good about what he is doing. I can confidently let him go out there to play, enjoy the game and be a boy.”

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