Guardian Caps Timeline in the NFL

Timeline of Guardian Caps in the NFL

A quick timeline of the highlights from Guardian Caps’ relationship with the NFL over the years.


After 5 years on the field with major college programs, Guardian won the first NFL HeadHealthTECH challenge to “develop new and improved helmet and protective equipment over the next three to five years.”


Additional testing by the NFL & NFLPA appointed engineers, using updated metrics and equipment, revealed that Guardian Caps made a statistically significant improvement over hard-shell helmets alone

August 2020

NFL sent out a memo permitting Guardian Caps. Jacksonville Jaguars were the first team to implement Guardian Caps.

Summer 2021

Six more NFL teams began to utilize Guardian Caps, including the Rams, Dolphins, Bills, Panthers, Bears, Chargers.

March 2022

NFL Owners voted to mandate Guardian Caps through the 2nd preseason game for OL/DL/LB/TE.

July 2022

Guardian Caps debuted at NFL Training Camps on all 32 teams.

September 2022

After the 2022 season, ESPN reported that the NFL brought practice concussions to an eight-year low of 25. Concussions among the players wore Guardian Caps dropped more than 50%


The NFL has mandated Guardian Caps for the 2023 season with expanded use.  Changes include use in all preseason, regular season and post season practices instead of just preseason.  Players at position groups with most head contact will be required to wear Caps; this adds running backs and fullbacks to the previously included linemen and linebackers.