Why Should I Sanitize My School?

Guardian hand sanitizer, 80% alcohol, liquid and gel sanitizer, ppe, Daily Face Masks 99% BFE

As schools begin to reopen, we’ve had many principals, nurses, facility managers, and superintendents ask “what are some strategies to sanitize my school and classrooms?” Each school has different needs, but seems to require the same essentials. At Guardian, we’ve worked hard to manufacture and source the best equipment to help in your school reopening.

The most common approach to disinfecting classrooms starts with our Guardian PolyArmor Hand Sanitizer. Our hand sanitizer comes in both liquid and gel and is made in compliance with CDC and WHO guidelines for fighting COVID-19.

At minimum, we recommend that every classroom has a gallon of hand sanitizer to use throughout class. However, some schools are taking an extra step by providing each student with a 2oz or 4oz bottle of sanitizer to use on the go. This strategy seems to work particularly well at the college level, where students are constantly traveling from building to building.

In addition to hand sanitizer, we have also recommended disposable facemasks. We’ve sourced 3-ply disposable facemasks that are a great option for indoor use, or when students are not able to safely social distance. A carton of disposable facemasks provides students and faculty with an abundance of clean masks that can simply be thrown away after each use. This removes the hassle of washing reusable masks multiple times a week.

Lastly, we offer sanitizing wipes and industrial disinfectant spray that can be used to clean classrooms, locker rooms, or school buses. We recommend the sanitizing wipes for quick clean sessions between changes in periods or using on hard surfaces such as desks and counters. Our industrial disinfectant spray is a great option for deep cleaning locker rooms, sports fields, and school buses. The disinfectant spray is EPA approved and ships as a concentrate, which makes it a cost-effective option for deep cleaning large areas.

We know this is a difficult time, full of complex decisions, but would love to help in anyway that we can. If you are looking to find the right PPE materials or have questions about our products please feel free to reach out by email or phone. We wish you all a clean and safe reopening!