June 2021

Stay hydrated in the Summer Heat

Summer is here. Which means longer days, shorter nights and warmer (much warmer) weather!  According to the Washington Post, parts of the U.S. are entering a “Mega-heat wave,” so we can expect to see extremely warm temperatures within the next few weeks.  But, just because it’s hot that doesn’t mean summer practices are slowing down.

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PEARL X- Durable and Eco-Friendly Lacrosse Ball

A True Passion for Solving Problems. At Guardian Sports, we have a true passion for solving problems in the sports industry. Many people don’t know the history behind the PEARL lacrosse ball and why we set out to make a better ball. PEARL X is better for players, and better for the environment.     The

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How to keep up your game during the summer

Summer is here. For laxers, this means the season is over and regular games and practices have slowed down.  But, just because there’s more free time that doesn’t mean there should be less time spent on lacrosse. Keep up your game this summer by participating in some of the below ideas!   WATCH LACROSSE FILM 

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