PEARL X- Durable and Eco-Friendly Lacrosse Ball

pearl lacrosse ball
A True Passion for Solving Problems.

At Guardian Sports, we have a true passion for solving problems in the sports industry. Many people don’t know the history behind the PEARL lacrosse ball and why we set out to make a better ball. PEARL X is better for players, and better for the environment.  

The Problem: The Greaser/Shiner

Since the beginning of the modern era of lacrosse, lacrosse balls were made from vulcanized rubber with added chemical plasticizers. This rubber is subject to change over time, and this change is accelerated by environmental factors such as temperature, sun exposure, precipitation, and friction. All of these factors combine to limit the lifetime of a rubber lacrosse ball to a mere 2-3 weeks of consistent use before greasing/shining. 

So what happens to these useless, hard, and slick lacrosse balls?

It varies from person to person, but typically, a greaser/shiner is launched into the wilderness to never be seen again. Meaning MILLIONS of rubber lacrosse balls are being disposed of every season leaving a footprint on our environment that is often overlooked.

For example, tires are made from the same vulcanized rubber as a rubber lacrosse ball. It is estimated that it takes 50-80 years for a tire to decompose in a landfill, which means that every rubber lacrosse ball ever made is STILL decomposing.

To summarize, a rubber lacrosse ball yields just a few weeks of use only to impact our environment for decades.


The Goal: Create an Eco-Friendly Lacrosse Ball

We saw a real problem in the lacrosse industry and wanted to create a more environmentally friendly lacrosse ball. 

A ball that doesn’t have to be thrown out every few weeks. A ball that will not be left to slowly decompose in the wilderness. A ball that lasts a lifetime. Even better, that ball is made in America saving our planet the long journey that rubber balls make from Asia.  


The End Result: PEARL X – the World’s First Greaseless Lacrosse Ball

Our owners Lee & Erin Hanson also have a 25+ year old chemical engineering business, so we put our scientists to work to combat the problem with rubber lacrosse balls.

In 2015, Guardian Sports engineered an elastomer that prevents greasing and introduced the American made PEARL X greaseless game day ball. 

PEARL X is an eco-friendly lacrosse ball that’s made to last a lifetime. It does not grease or harden over time and does not need to be disposed of after every season.


What PEARL customers say:

“Being a growing player with developing skills going into high school, having a long-lasting ball that is high quality and can withstand 1000s of reps on my dirty brick wall is important. I highly recommend these.”

 “I have two boys playing lacrosse and we were flying through lacrosse balls. They wouldn’t last a week before becoming greasers. I bought a 50 pack almost a year ago and they are amazingly in great shape. After 1000s of shots and even more wall ball and passes. They are the best investment I have made for my kids.”

“Every single PEARL ball maintains its texture month after month and even when found outside in the bushes no matter how old. They are amazing!”


PEARL is proud to be the official ball of the following programs:
  • USA Lacrosse and the U.S. National Teams
  • MCLA
  • IWLCA Tournament Series

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