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PEARL 2023 Year In Review

As we start 2024, we wanted to reflect on what a great year 2023 has been for PEARL. New partnerships, exciting events, and being named the official ball of multiple organizations made 2023 one to remembers! Read our year in review below to celebrate the impact of PEARL lacrosse. NCAA Lacrosse National

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PEARL Is the Official Ball of Charlotte North Lacrosse Clinics

We are thrilled to announce that PEARL is the official ball of Charlotte North Lacrosse clinics. Exciting news in the lacrosse world as PEARL has been named the official ball of Charlotte North Lacrosse Clinics. Charlotte has been a huge factor in paving the way for for women's lacrosse and elevating the game. As

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PEARL Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your lacrosse player? With the holidays just around the corner, it's time to get into the gift-giving spirit. Whether they're a dedicated player or passionate enthusiast, we've curated the perfect PEARL Holiday gift guide that's bound to have them winning on and off the field. PEARL Holiday

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The Benefits of Youth Lacrosse

Lacrosse stands out as more than just a game; it can be a transformative experience for youth. As children pick up lacrosse sticks and join teams, they embark on a journey that goes far beyond the field. Here are some of the significant benefits of kids playing lacrosse: 1. Physical Fitness and Coordination: Lacrosse

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Shootout For Soldiers 2023 Recap

That's a wrap for the Shootout For Soldiers 2023 events . Raising a grand total of $447,600 for veterans in 6 cities; Long Island, Jacksonville, Canandaigua, Virginia, Baltimore, and Atlanta. Atlanta Event Sophie (Marketing) and Carson (Sales Rep), 2 PEARL team members, had the honor of attending the Atlanta event. Follow along

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US Club Lacrosse Golden 16 Rankings

The final US Club Lacrosse Golden 16 Rankings presented by PEARL are out. Each graduating class has 16 Boys & Girls teams that are ranked. Those teams  are in a position to be invited to the National Club Championship. '24 Boys 91 Long Island Wolfpack True Illinois Premier Baltimore Crabs Carolina Miners

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How Are Lacrosse Balls Made: BTS with PEARL

HOW ARE LACROSSE BALLS MADE? BEHIND THE SCENES WITH PEARL. THE ONLY AMERICAN MANUFACTURER OF LACROSSE BALLS Ever wonder how lacrosse balls are made?  The making of the most innovative, consistent, and reliable lacrosse ball process is usually top secret, but we're taking you behind the scenes of the PEARL process and testing

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Lacrosse Preseason Training Tips

Looking for lacrosse training tips to get you ready for preseason? PEARL has collected tips from our lacrosse influencers to help you train like a pro. This preseason, dial in your stick skills with Strive Lacrosse Academy's wall ball routine. Stock up on the balls he recommends to get

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