PEARL Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your lacrosse player?

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to get into the gift-giving spirit. Whether they’re a dedicated player or passionate enthusiast, we’ve curated the perfect PEARL Holiday gift guide that’s bound to have them winning on and off the field.

PEARL Holiday Gift Guide for Attackers

Take your shooting game to the next level!

11th man goalie: 

Great for shooting practice for any attacker. The inflatable goalie simulates the same shape and size of a goalie for more realistic reps.

PEARL X Lacrosse Balls: 

The #1 lacrosse ball, made in the USA. Never greases or hardens, making it so you will never have to change your form for a greaser.

PEARL Ball Bucket: 

The PEARL bucket is the perfect gift for your lacrosse player. Store your balls and transport them to a practice field.

Shooting Targets: 

Dial in your shooting for season with shooting targets. This is an awesome way to practice your accuracy and hone in on your muscle memory when shooting.

PEARL Ball Cleaning Kit: 

Although your PEARLs may never grease or harden, they may still get dirty. Clean your balls with the PEARL cleaning kit.

PEARL Shooting Shirt: 

The PEARL long sleeve shooting shirt is perfect for when you are warming up to get those extra reps.

PEARL Holiday Gift Guide for Defenders

Hone in on your footwork and ground balls!

Agility Ladder: 

A key to playing great defense is footwork. An agility ladder is an awesome way to practice your footwork and breaking down your feet.

Agility Cones: 

Agility cones are another commonly used practice for footwork. Along with breaking down your feet you can use cones to get those change of direction and change of speed reps.

PEARL NX lacrosse balls: 

The PEARL NX is a no bounce practice lacrosse ball, forcing you to really get low attack your ground balls.

STX Fiddle Sticks: 

Talk about getting low…fiddle sticks will force you to get low on those ground balls and well as focus more on using your hand playing defense rather than using your stick.

PEARL Short Sleeve T-shirt 

PEARL Holiday Gift Guide for Goalies

Practice ball tracking, reaction time and footwork!

PEARL DUAL X Lacrosse Ball: 

The PEARL DUAL X has a unique 50/50 colored design that produces a strobe like effect while spinning, revealing the speed and direction of the ball. Making it perfect for goalies to practice tracking the ball on shots.

Nike Huarache 9 Elite Low: 

With hand-eye coordination also comes footwork. Honing in on your footwork as a goalie makes a world of a difference. Use an agility ladder to practice the muscle memory of attacking those shots and stepping forward.

Guardian Cap: 

Better protect yourself during practice from shots with a Guardian Cap. The soft-shell helmet cover lessens the blows from shots to the head.

STX RZR Goalie Gloves:

Nothing like a fresh pair of gloves to be game day fresh for the season.

STX Eclipse III Goalie Head: 

STX’s stiffest goalie head yet reducing the fold back at the tip of the head.

Agility Cones: 

Using cones is a great way to practice your footwork by breaking down your feet as well and different ways to help with change of speed and direction.