Why Are PEARLs Gameday Approved?

The lacrosse ball is a small but critical component of the game. In order to be gameday certified at any level, lacrosse balls have to go through extensive testing to ensure the safety of the players and fair play. The testing and regulation standards are set by governing bodies such as NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment), NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association), and the NCAA (National College Athletic Association). Let’s delve into how PEARL Lacrosse Balls meet NOCSAE/NFHS/NCAA standards and learn more on how PEARLs ensure an optimal gameplay experience.

NOCASE certification is testament to a lacrosse ball’s quality and safety. This ensures that the ball meets specific standards regarding its construction, material composition, and performance characteristics. PEARL Lacrosse balls undergo rigorous testing procedures to earn this certification, guaranteeing players a level of reliability and consistency essential for competitive play. With NOCASE approval, players can trust that PEARL Lacrosse Balls adhere to the highest industry standards, minimizing the risk of injury during gameplay.

For high school lacrosse players and teams, adherence to NFHS regulations is paramount. NFHS sets guidelines to ensure fairness and uniformity across all competitions. PEARL Lacrosse balls are meticulously crafted to meet NFHS standards, ensuring that they possess the required size, weight, and rebound characteristics specified for high school play. By complying with NFHS regulations, PEARLs contribute to a level playing field allowing athletes to focus on their skills and strategy without worrying about equipment discrepancies.

Collegiate lacrosse competitions sanctioned by the NCAA demand equipment that meets strict criteria to maintain the integrity of the game. PEARLs earn NCAA approval by satisfying the organizations stringent requirements regarding size, weight, hardness, and performance consistency. With NCAA approval, PEARLs become the go-to choice for collegiate athletes and teams, ensuring that they compete with equipment that meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

PEARL has also been named the official ball of the NCAA lacrosse championships. Meaning PEARLs will be used exclusively at all D1, D2, and D3 championship tournament games.

PEARL X is the official ball of the NCAA lacrosse championships, meaning PEARLs will be used exclusively at all D1, D2, and D3 championship tournament games.

While it meets NOCSAE, NFHS, and NCAA standards, PEARL balls add additional benefits that set them apart from other lacrosse ball brands. PEARLs have innovative chemistry and a different manufacturing process than your typical lacrosse ball. Typical rubber balls are compounded and consist of vulcanized rubber with chemical plasticizers to make them soft and grease. PEARLs are made with elastomer with no chemical plasticizers. The longer your typical lacrosse balls experience extreme temperatures, sun exposure, precipitation, and friction, the faster they grease. PEARLs could be left in your backyard through every season and never grease or harden. Our advanced technology and manufacturing process ensures superior durability, consistency, and grip that enhances players’ control and accuracy during gameplay.

In conclusion, PEARLs are highest in quality, reliability, and meet the rigorous standards set by NOCSAE, NFHS, and NCAA. With our commitment to excellence and innovation, PEARL continues to elevate the game of lacrosse, providing players at all levels with the tools they need to succeed on the field. Whether in high school stadiums, college arenas, or professional competitions, PEARL delivers a premium gameplay experience.