Shootout For Soldiers 2023 Recap

That’s a wrap for the Shootout For Soldiers 2023 events . Raising a grand total of $447,600 for veterans in 6 cities; Long Island, Jacksonville, Canandaigua, Virginia, Baltimore, and Atlanta.

Atlanta Event

Sophie (Marketing) and Carson (Sales Rep), 2 PEARL team members, had the honor of attending the Atlanta event. Follow along to see some highlights from the Atlanta SFS event.

Veterans Present Their Stories

Veterans were given the opportunity to speak on their experience and story to those who attended the event, inspiring those who listened with their bravery.

Uniting Community & Vendors

It was amazing to see what a great impact this event has on the community. Our team enjoyed meeting everyone that attended as well as meeting our tent neighbors in the vendor village.

Went For A Spin

Sophie and Carson had some fun in taking the motorcycle with a side car for a spin while at the event!

Fun Making Content

We had a blast getting creative making content with the SFS team. You’ll get a kick out of one of the videos they made about PEARL

Highlights of The Event

Our PEARL teams favorite part of the event was when one of the coaches decided to gear up and play in one of the girls games. Goggles, mouthguard and all.


The Atlanta event, held at Kennesaw Mountain High School, was a major success. Raising a grand total of $33,955. It was so fun to watch everyone enjoy themselves while playing the game they love.

Total Raised at Each Event

Shootout For Soldiers is on a mission educate the community about the challenges Veterans face when returning home. They share authentic first-person stories from Veterans as well as curate learning resources and materials addressing the issues.

Long Island raised the most out of all 6 events at a whopping $189,765!

Canandaigua came in second place with an impressive $83,903!