PEARL Is the Official Ball of Charlotte North Lacrosse Clinics

We are thrilled to announce that PEARL is the official ball of Charlotte North Lacrosse clinics.

Exciting news in the lacrosse world as PEARL has been named the official ball of Charlotte North Lacrosse Clinics. Charlotte has been a huge factor in paving the way for for women’s lacrosse and elevating the game. As a part of the partnership, PEARL lacrosse balls will be used exclusively at Charlotte North Lacrosse Clinics. Practice and learn from the best while training with the #1 lacrosse ball.

About Charlotte North

Charlotte North

One of the most accomplished women’s lacrosse player…

Charlotte is a two time Tewaaraton winner, National Champion, member of the USA Women’s National Lacrosse Team, Gold Medalist and Pro Lacrosse player with Athletes Unlimited.

Charlottes Lacrosse Journey:

Charlotte North grew up in Dallas, Texas, where she started her lacrosse career. She played her first two collegiate years at Duke, and in 2019, she made the decision to transfer to Boston College. She would then go on to win a National Championship as well as receive the Tewaaraton two years in a row.

Charlotte is currently member of the USA Women’s National Lacrosse Team and won gold in July 2022 as well as a professional lacrosse player, playing in Athletes Unlimited.

Charlotte North Lacrosse Clinics and Events

Charlotte North Lacrosse Clinics:

Train with Charlotte in weekly small group sessions that focus on individual skill development and heavily emphasize stick work, shooting, dodging, footwork, and draw skills. These training session include all ages from youth to high school.

Her mission is to help young women realize their dreams – not just on the playing field, but also in life.

PEARLs partnership with Charlotte North not only highlights our commitment to enhance a players over all experience, but also recognizes the exceptional talent and influence Charlotte North has on the lacrosse community. Together we share a passion for the game of lacrosse and are dedication to pushing the boundaries for players performance by providing athletes the best tools for success.