Gearing up for the 2021 Season – March Coaching Agenda


The whistles have stopped blowing.
The band has quit playing.
The 25 second clock has been unplugged.
The jerseys have been washed, dried and hung up for next season.

The football season has come to a close and now what do Coaches do during this time? REST (well, not really)!

For most coaches the High School football season has turned into a 12 month grind with very little time for rest and reflection.

With most states football season being completed either the last week in October or the first week in November, Coaches have a little time before the Holiday madness to get the end of season awards banquet done and then start putting together their next 12 month calendar…

That’s where we’re here to help you plan your offseason agenda for the next few months!
  • Clinic season continues
  • Off season strength & conditioning still happening
  • Create/design your recruiting profiles for those student-athletes that want to pursue post HS opportunities. When completed send out to the athletes schools of choice.  
  • After spring break: for those states that allow a football to be held – 40 to 50 minute workouts on the field – fun drills 
  • Entire staff meetings begin again – planning for rest of school year and beginning talks of summer schedule
  • Attend local College or University spring practices – maybe white board ideas with said Coaching staff
  • Final decision on uniforms or equipment upgrades are submitted for budget review
  • Start discussion on summer fundraising activities
  • Set program goals and mission statements as a staff for summer work
  • Towards end of month parent meeting to discuss summer calendar
  • Meeting with the Booster Club or QB Club to discuss initiatives and goals for the upcoming football season
  • Meet with your local youth football organization
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