PEARL Testimonials

Don’t Change Your Form For Greasers.

Read, watch, and listen to PEARL testimonials on why you should make the switch over to PEARL. Don’t waste a rep, use PEARL

Coaches Testimonials

PEARL makes our practices much easier becuase the kids can pretty much trust where the ball is going

Jay Spina - Head Lacrosse Coach , Mt. Hope

“Our players love the consistency the Pearl balls provide! No more random errant throws and shots from the greaser balls

David Zazzaro , Men's Lacrosse Head Coach

After using the Pearl for an entire year, I can honestly say our players love it!  The ball gets more sticky over time and lasts forever.  We have a new team rule, only Pearls in the ball bucket.  It’s a game changer

Kyle Hannan, Men's Lacrosse Coach

We have been loving the balls so far.  The guys love how grippy they are.  But they do also say that they take a little bit of time to break in. I definitely appreciate you taking care of us so far.  You’ve been great to deal with.

Justin Hupp, College Equipment Manager

They work as advertised – new or old, clean or dirty – they never grease up – period.

Brian , Club Lacrosse Coach

The Pearl lax balls perform as advertised! They keep their grip/greaseless finish a very long time. With that result we now have saved money on our lacrosse ball purchases

Dave Hoover, Head Lacrosse Coach

We have used all three types of balls and have been impressed through 2 seasons. The no bounce ball makes the wall ball more efficient as the players are not chasing errant throws. We also use them on turf as they dont bounce out of the area of play as much. The textured balls are as advertised and continue to look like new. The Xs are truly amazing in how they keep their tackiness. We completely recommend them

Duncan McBean , Girls Youth Lacrosse Coach

Players Testimonials

Don’t grease and have really good grip on them which makes it easier to stay in your stick and have a great hold

Haile Ratajak, Senior at Keene State

Influencers Testimonials

The main places we use the optic yellow balls are in our indoor box facilities and in the bubble facility.  It’s really hard to track the white yellow and orange balls in those facilities because of the windows in the box and then because of the white and blue dome lighting in the Bubble. We also like to use them when it’s snowing.  So, the main part is visibility with the benefit of also being a PEARL and not needing to worry about greasers.

Patrick Chapla, POWLAX

Guardian has finally addressed the slippery ball issue in lacrosse. I’ve been using the Pearls for well over a year now. It’s softer, safer, and holds the texture through all conditions. Even the few remaining from the very first batch have held up under all conditions. Turf, grass, cement, rain, dirt, mud…the ball holds up. So if you’re always on the wall working to improve your game, or you’re a coach looking to eliminate excuses for errant passes and shots, this is your ball. The Pearl may be the best equipment advancement in lacrosse in years.

Chazz Woodson, Hampton University Head Coach

They are the best balls you could use because you can be consistent with every rep

Andrew Streilein , Strive Lacrosse Academy

PEARL lacrosse balls have gained our affection because they offer a 100% grease-free experience, ensuring consistency with every rep. Additionally, their vivid yellow color improves visibility, enabling you to stay focused on the ball. Investing in these balls can enhance your game significantly, as using PEARLS during training sessions can elevate the experience to new heights

Andrew Streilein , Strive Lacrosse Academy

Amazon Customer Reviews

These things are awesome. They work exactly as advertised. I can rip a shot at a concrete wall from 12 years out and it deadbouces off the wall. It doesn’t stop. And it does bounce back, but, at a 1/4 of the speed and bounce height that a normal ball would. They feel almost identical in weight and are the same size (as advertised). Before you drop the ball next to a normal ball, you ALMOST can’t tell the difference between the two. I love these because it allows me to work on new/different shot forms (wind up and follow through) on a wall so I’m not sailing balls over the goal and having to chase every one. I can just rip these against the wall over and over til I consistently hit my mark and then I can move on to the goal.

Amazon customer review: C. Cross

Based on ODOR (lack of!) and FEEL alone, I can strongly recommend the Pearl X lacrosse balls. Until today, I have purchased lax balls based on best price. After receiving the Pearl X balls today and comparing them to the competitors balls received earlier this week, there are stark differences to be noticed even before taking them to the field of play. The competitor balls have a gasoline like odor and feel slippery/greasy – the Pearl X balls are odorless and “sticky” by comparison. Look forward to practicing with ‘em. Thank you Guardian Innovations for manufacturing a high quality product at a competitive price point.

Amazon Customer Review: Chris M. , Your Content Goes Here

Being a growing player with developing skills going into high school having a long lasting ball that is high quality and can withstand 1000s of reps on my dirty brick wall is important I highly recommend these for individuals Who care about developing their skills using high quality products that are worth their price.

Amazon Customer Review- Ben

Best lacrosse balls around. They save me money because they don’t turn into greasers! Totally worth it.

Amazon Customer Review- Mel

Parent Testimonials

I have two boys playing lacrosse and we were flying through lacrosse balls. They wouldn’t last a week before becoming greasers. I bought a 50 pack almost a year ago and they are amazingly in great shape. After 1,000s of shots and even more wall ball and passes. They are the best investment I have made for my kids.

Mike, Lacrosse Parent

I’ve used Pearl for 3 years, they’ve been great! I never have to worry about a shot being off because of a greaser.

Patrick Foley, Lacrosse Parent