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Guardian Caps X Ultimate Georgia Football

We are excited to announce Guardian Caps partnership with Ultimate Georgia Football to help protect these athletes and get them to the next level. It’s never too early to prioritize safety—whether in tournaments, in college, or in the NFL. Join the movement and get a quote for the caps mandated by the NFL and CFL, and trusted by over 275 NCAA programs.

John Brenkus and Champ Bailey – Ultimate Georgia Football + Guardian Caps


“A lot of people said that the NFL isn’t taking concussions seriously. I mean this is as serious as you can take it by mandating Guardian Caps for practice, where most of the contact is happening. That to me says look the NFL is getting serious and Guardian Caps are really working and blazing a trail.” 
Sports Science’s John Brenkus

“Things like Guardian Caps come about because the data is there. We need to do something to lessen the blow. It is better protecting these guys, it’s just the game evolving. ” 
Champ Bailey, Former UGA & All-Pro NFL Football Player

Champ Bailey, Gary Downs and Alex Benson on Ultimate Georgia Football


“I think any time you can add an extra layer of protection that doesn’t jeopardize the quality of the game, do it. I mean it’s a no brainer. In the end we want everyone to step off the field happy with what they did but also to walk, to be healthy, and to go on and do things.”
Champ Bailey, Former UGA & All-Pro NFL Football Player

The Mission Behind Guardian Caps

Check our Erin Hanson, our owner and CEO of Guardian Sports and Tony Plagman, our National Sales Manager talk about the mission behind Guardian Caps with Ultimate Georgia Football! Since its creation, Guardian Caps are better protecting athletes at every level. 

“The sport has adopted Guardian Caps for practice now. It’s an essential part of the uniform just like a thigh pads and knee pads. Players wear Guardian Caps on top of their helmets.”
Gary Downs, Former NC State & NFL Football Player

UGA Football Players Wearing Guardian Caps

Guardian Caps are keeping players fresh for game day. Worn by 500+ youth programs, 3000+ high schools, 275+ colleges and mandated by the NFL and CFL. Check out the Georgia Football team in Guardian Caps!

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