The CFL Mandates Caps for the 2023 season

The CFL Mandates Caps for the 2023 Season

We are excited to see Guardian Caps spread across Canada. The CFL mandate will require all offensive and defensive linemen, running backs and linebackers will wear Guardian Caps during the CFL Training Camps, as well as all contact practices during the regular season. The implementation of the Guardian Cap is one of several health-and-safety measure the CFL, in consultation with its medical committee, will introduce this season.

“Our players are our game’s greatest ambassadors, both on and off the field,”CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie said. “We must continue to explore new equipment, technology and best practices to help ensure they are physically and emotionally able to have long and successful careers. As athletes evolve through better nutrition, training regimens and a clearer understanding of the human body, so too will our game. As a league, we must embrace that evolution and work with our players to create an exciting and competitive, but safe, football environment.”

-Randy Ambrosie, CFL Commissioner

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“There’s probably going to be the odd guy who says ‘Ah, I look stupid,’ but it’s an insignificant thing. I look stupid all the time, so it doesn’t even matter. I think it’s a good step, It’s protecting us, as players, which is always appreciated. They may look a little goofy but if it’s going to help us out, health-wise, I’m all for it.”

-Pat Neufeld, Offensive Lineman, CFL- Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The CFL mandates Guardian Caps for 2023 seasonThe CFL Mandates Caps for the 2023 seasonThe CFL mandates Guardian Caps for 2023 season

New health and safety measure have been introduced for the 2023 season, one being the CFL Mandates Caps for the 2023 Season

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“I was part of the trial runs for the caps back at Cypress Bay high school in Florida, maybe back in 2012. It’s proven that it works. They made it a requirement now for us, so it’s fine, it’s good. It’s light and I didn’t mind at all. You notice the looks of it, obviously, but as far as it being on your head, you don’t feel it. It’s pretty funny. We look like a bunch of aliens out there. Somebody said we look like Toad from Mario.”

-Anthony Bennett, Defensive end,Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)