PEARL Perspectives

Discover PEARL Perspectives from Coaches 

Read on to hear PEARL coaches’ perspectives on how their game has changed since using PEARL lacrosse balls.

“PEARL allows us to practice the way we actually play in a game.” 

-Jay Spina, Head Coach, Mt. Hope High School, Rhode Island 

PEARL lacrosse balls have gained our affection because they offer a 100% grease-free experience, ensuring consistency with every rep. Additionally, their vivid yellow color improves visibility, enabling you to stay focused on the ball. Investing in these balls can enhance your game significantly, as using PEARLs during training sessions can elevate the experience to new heights.”

-Andrew Streilein, Strive Lacrosse Academy

“I cannot tell a lie. We have been using these balls in our indoor winter clinics and have yet to see a ball degrade. If anything, they actually seem to get “grippier” according to my players. Nice ball!”

Joseph Haemmerle, Head Lacrosse Coach, Bergen Catholic High School, New Jersey


“The main places we use the optic yellow balls are in our indoor box facilities and in the bubble facility.  It’s really hard to track the white yellow and orange balls in those facilities because of the windows in the box and then because of the white and blue dome lighting in the Bubble. We also like to use them when it’s snowing.  So, the main part is visibility with the benefit of also being a PEARL and not needing to worry about greasers.”

-Patrick Chapla (POWLAX) on PEARL X Optic Yellow balls 

“Guardian has finally addressed the slippery ball issue in lacrosse. I’ve been using the Pearls for well over a year now. It’s softer, safer, and holds the texture through all conditions. Even the few remaining from the very first batch have held up under all conditions. Turf, grass, cement, rain, dirt, mud…the ball holds up. So if you’re always on the wall working to improve your game, or you’re a coach looking to eliminate excuses for errant passes and shots, this is your ball. The Pearl may be the best equipment advancement in lacrosse in years.” 

– Chazz Woodson, Professional Lacrosse Player and High School Coach

“Your product is awesome and has added a lot of value to our team. With the PEARLs they never go bad, so as long as we have a productive ball hunt we are in good shape.”

-Aaron Grill, Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach, University of Pennsylvania 

“After using the Pearl for an entire year, I can honestly say our players love it!  The ball gets more sticky over time and lasts forever.  We have a new team rule, only Pearls in the ball bucket.  It’s a game changer.”

-Kyle Hannan, Head Coach, Mercer University, Georgia

Joe Walters, former professional lacrosse player and coach, only uses PEARLs in his summer training camps because of their consistent performance.

Our PEARL coaches notice a difference in their players performance, and you can too! Get your PEARLs for your players this season to practice like you play!