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Check Out The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Receive About Guardian Caps

Q: Does the NFL wear Guardian Caps?

A: Yes, the NFL mandated Guardian Caps for the 2023 season with expanded use from the original 2022 preseason mandate.  The new mandate includes all practices preseason, regular season, and post season that include contact.  They have also added Running Backs and Fullbacks to the list of positions mandated to wear Caps which now include: OL, DL, LB, TE, RB, FB. Read here.

Q: What is the purpose of a Guardian Cap?

A: The Guardian Cap was created to bring a soft padded layer to the outside of hard-shell helmets. They are also designed to move independently of the helmet below, allowing for forces to be redirected around the head. Lighter color Guardian Caps also reduce radiant heat up to 20 degrees F. Lastly, the coefficient of friction of a Guardian Cap is less than that of hard shelled helmet, allowing for less grab.

Q: What is the physics behind a Guardian Cap?

A: Physics say that an outer “soft” material of the proper density, stiffness and energy absorbing properties reduces the initial severity of the impact. The hard shell then has lower forces transmitted to it, and in turn conveys lower forces to the interior soft helmet padding and then lower forces to the head. Very similar to a NASCAR driver and the soft wall technology that tracks have adopted or even automobiles and the soft bumpers and airbags that are now required. The Guardian Cap serves the same purpose for an athlete—a soft shell barrier between it and impact.

Q: What is the Guardian Cap made of?

A: The Guardian Cap is made of a closed cell foam so that it won’t pick up weight in the rain (or wash).

Q: Will wearing a Guardian Cap make my helmet hotter?

A: No, wearing a Guardian Cap will not make your helmet hotter. Independent research actually showed the opposite. The addition of the Guardian Cap in 90°F+ temperatures insulated the helmets and kept the head 15-20°F cooler. The reason: while polycarbonate conducts heat, the foam of the Guardian Cap does not, and acts more as an insulator.

Q: Do Guardian Caps fit youth helmets?

A: The Guardian Cap is one-size-fits-all. The elastic attachment straps stretch to fit all sizes, makes, and models of helmets. The straps pull through the facemask and attach back to itself. Call us if you have issues fitting your specific facemask. Check out our blog, “Do Guardian Caps Fit Youth?

Q: How many college football teams are wearing Guardian Caps?

A: There are over 275+ college football teams wearing Guardian Caps.

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