Top Lacrosse Podcasts to Catch Up On

Discover Our Favorite Lacrosse Podcasts to Catch Up On Right Now!

Get caught up on the latest trending lacrosse podcasts to get prepped for the season and hyped up for the Spring! Read on to learn more.

Top Lacrosse Podcasts

Sticks In

Tune in to “Sticks In” with Dan Arestia, author of the New England Lacrosse Journal, to hear the latest news in college and professional lacrosse.

Rise Up 

Check out “Rise Up” hosted by  professional lacrosse players Scotty Rodgers and Greg Beast.  Tune in to hear their opinions and stories from their professional point of view.

Listen to this crossover podcast!  “Rise Up” interviews “Sticks In,” Dan Arestia, to talk about the PLL.  Check out the full episode below! 

The Crease Dive

Check out one of Barstool Sports’ podcasts, The Crease Dive to hear former players, Jordie and Doogs, talk all things lacrosse from the college to the professional level. 

Lacrosse All Stars Podcast


Check out this podcast brought to you by Lacrosse All Star Players. Made for players, by players, learn all things lacrosse by tuning in weekly!

Unbuckled Chinstrap 


PLL player, Jules Heningburg interviews the best lacrosse players in the world to uncover their expert perspectives of life in the game. Keep an eye out for Season 2, coming soon! 

Learn more from Jules with this video on how to get better this summer.  It’s as simple as filming your training, so why not give it a try?

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