The CFL Mandates Caps for the 2023 season

The CFL Mandates Caps for the 2023 Season We are excited to see Guardian Caps spread across Canada. The CFL mandate will require all offensive and defensive linemen, running backs and linebackers will wear Guardian Caps during the CFL Training Camps, as well as all contact practices during the regular season. The implementation of

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How To Creatively Budget For Caps

A common question we receive is how to budget for Guardian Caps.  One misconception is that the Guardian Caps are expensive.  Guardian Caps retail for $69.99 but with team bulk pricing that unit price can be much lower; as much as a branded athletic shirt.  Our mission is to have all players wearing Guardian

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Congrats to Our 2022 Bowl & Champion Winners

We're celebrating our Football Champions!  The 2022 high school and college football season have come to a close.  We would like to congratulate our Guardian Caps customers who were High School State Champions, College Bowl Winners, and the Georgia Bulldogs who were our 2022 National Champions! Bowl and National Football Champions 29

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Guardian Caps Joins NFL Thursday Night Tailgate Podcast

NFL Thursday Night Tailgate sits down with Guardian Caps NFL Legends Greg Lloyd and Delvin Williams, Plus Guardian Caps Founders Lee & Erin Hanson Join NFL: Thursday Night Tailgate Podcast Greg Lloyd shares his disdain for "this game you call football now." We also get his thoughts on the current state of the

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Guardian Caps Exceed NFL’s Expectations

Guardian Caps Results: "Exceeded our Expectations" Guardian Caps exceed NFL's expectations.  The 2022 preseason was the first time that players from all 32 NFL teams wore the Guardian Cap. All offensive linemen, defensive linemen, tight ends, and linebackers were required to wear the padded shell on their helmets in practices up until the second

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