National Youth Sports Safety Month

Rutgers Clinical Study

Did you know that 70% of football players are at the youth level? With the growing awareness of the risks associated with head impacts in the sport, parents, coaches, and organizations are actively seeking solutions to mitigate these dangers. In honor of National Youth Sports Safety Month, we want to spread awareness regarding the benefits of youth football players wearing Guardian Caps.  According to research, the results are promising. Rutgers University conducted a clinical study with Neurosurgeons from Rutgers Medical School to determine whether sports-related head trauma as a youth player can result in negative long-term consequences.

Rutgers University conducted a clinical study to find an analysis of youth football head impact data. ¬†An area for concern for parents of youth football players had. been whether their child’s participation may predispose them to risks that have been reported for older players. In this clinical study, Rutgers University had 20 youth players participate in all practices and games while wearing a InSite impact monitoring system. This records the number of hits and the intensity of each hit.

Guardian Caps along with safe tackling techniques recorded only 0.1% hits at high intensity.

Better Protect Your Youth Players

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