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Guardian Sports is Taking the Sports World by Storm

You may know us by our products, but there is a lot more to Guardian Sports than what meets the eye. Discover more about Guardian directly from the company’s owners, Erin and Lee Hanson. Learn why they have chosen Peachtree Corners as their home and how they’re revolutionizing sports equipment to better support athletes. At Guardian Sports we approach each project with a problem-solution-result strategy. We are first and foremost scientists and engineers working to improve sports equipment. Explore the reasons why professionals, colleges, high schools, and youth athletes rely on Guardian products.

Special Guests

 Hear firsthand accounts from UGA’s Assistant Director for Football Equipment, Will Wells, UGA Legend and former NFL player Rennie Curran, and Guardian’s National Sales Manager, Tony Plagman, as they explain how Guardian Caps have transformed college football. Then, join Rennie Curran as he invites former UGA and NFL players Tavarres King and Kelin Johnson to train local youth and Norcross High School players, while discussing the game-changing impact of Guardian Caps.

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Guardian Sports Products

At Guardian we have a true passion for better protecting athletes. We aim to continually develop technologies that can enhance sports equipment. Our goal has always been to advance technologies to bridge the gap between the products that athletes deserve/need and what is currently available on the market. We are a family-owned company with 20+ years of experience in material science. Our products include but are not limited to: PEARL, Guardian Caps, Guardian Turf Infill and The LOOP.

Guardian Caps

The Guardian Cap is the leading soft shell helmet cover engineered for impact reduction. It brings a padded, soft-shell layer to the outside of the decades old hard-shell helmet and reduces impact up to 33%. Physics say that an outer “soft” material of the proper density, stiffness and energy absorbing properties reduces the initial severity of the impact. The hard shell then has lower forces transmitted to it, and in turn conveys lower forces to the interior soft helmet padding and then lower forces to the head. The Guardian Cap is a soft shell barrier between the athletes head and impact. Worn by 300+ colleges, 3000+ high schools, 750+ youth programs, All 32 NFL Teams, and All 9 CFL Teams.

PEARL Lacrosse Balls

Traditional lacrosse balls are made from vulcanized rubber overseas and tend to go out of spec over time, becoming greasy and hard. We knew we could fix this issue. Our founders, Lee & Erin Hanson have 25+ years of experience in material science, so we put that knowledge to work. They went in the lab and formulated a premium lacrosse ball that meets gameday specs and standards and does not change over time, the PEARL. Guardian continues to innovate in the game of lacrosse.

Guardian | Xenith LOOP

Guardian Sports and Xenith have partnered together to create the Guardian | Xenith LOOP. The LOOP is an innovative soft-shell headgear designed to be worn without a helmet for multiple sports, including 7v7, flag football, non-tackle football, rugby, field hockey, and cheerleading of all levels. The LOOP combines athletes’ insights and an unprecedented level of in-play research on the incidental head impacts that athletes experience. The Virginia Tech 5-star rated LOOP features innovative soft-shelled technology combined with a moisture wicking Versaknit exterior material that is the most comfortable 7v7 and non-tackle headgear on the market.


We developed Guardian Bio-Based TPE Infill as a clean alternative to crumb rubber so that municipalities and consumers could feel confident about the infill exposed to their athletes. Guardian Innovation’s STC Certified TPE Infill has been cooling fields throughout North America since 2016.  This is a bio-based sustainable infill manufactured in the USA. The unique shape of the infill allows for ideal compaction for optimal energy restitution, ball rebound and rotational resistance.  The closed pore system provides a clean install with minimal splash and no added maintenance.