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Do Guardian Caps really work? 

Guardian Caps reduce the impact of hits, which is measured by H.A.R.M. (head acceleration response metric) by up to 10%-25%. They are designed to move independently of the helmet, allowing for forces to be redirected around the head. The coefficient of friction of a Guardian Cap is less than that of hard-shelled helmet, allowing for less grab.

How Much Does a Guardian Caps weigh? 

A Guardian Cap weighs only about 7 ounces.

Is the NFL using Guardian Caps?

The NFL required all linemen, linebackers and tight ends to wear Guardian Caps, the soft-shell helmet covers, for part of training camp in 2022. This year, the safety measures have expanded their mandate to include running backs and fullbacks through all contact practices throughout the season.

Can you wear a Guardian Cap in a game?

Guardian Caps are permitted for high school practice and official games by the NFHS.

What is the lifespan of the Guardian Cap?

It will depend on usage and size of the player, but most youth and high school Caps will last a few seasons. Whereas, an NFL player may only have one season of use.

Can a Guardian Cap be washed?

Yes, in a front load or non-agitator washing machine. Then, air dry the Guardian Cap.

What is the Guardian Cap made of?

It is made of soft, lightweight urethane material. Guardian Caps have also shown to reduce radiant heat up to 20° F.

Who created Guardian Caps?

Erin and Lee Hanson, owners of The Hanson Group LLC, utilized their 20+ years in the material science business to engineer, patent, and manufacture the Guardian Cap.

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