Why Districts Are Buying Guardian Caps

Districts Are Buying Guardian Caps

Guardian Caps have been the nation’s leading impact-reducing, soft-shell helmet cover for over a decade. Districts across the country are providing extra protection for their athletes and saving schools money by purchasing caps.

There are many reasons as to why administrators are buying caps for teams within their district: better bulk pricing, keeping athletes fresh for gameday, and saving teams on their football budget. Your district will stay ahead of the curve and ensure athletes are better protected.

Jefferson County School District Using Caps

Coach Lowry and his ENTIRE school district have been utilizing Guardian Caps since 2016. His son has been using Caps since he was 8 years old in little league. Protecting the players and kids is his main intention of using Guardian Caps. Although cost is the main reason schools are not purchasing Caps, player safety is worth the cost. Lowry said, “I have to give our risk management team the credit for being brave enough to push Guardian Caps through to the district”.

Guardian Caps are worn by 300,000+ athletes nationwide to reduce impact during practice. The caps have elastic attachment straps that stretch to fit all sizes, makes, and models of helmets. Coaches, athletic trainers, equipment managers, parents, and players are all recognizing the impact of Guardian Caps.