The Science Behind The Guardian Cap

Who Created The Guardian Cap

Guardian Innovations was formed in 2011 by sister company, the Hanson Group, a material science company with nearly three decades of engineering and material science expertise. With a special interest in sports safety, the team is comprised of innovators and scientists who are passionate about introducing better engineered sporting equipment. Erin and Lee Hanson developed the Guardian Cap with the purpose of better protecting athletes.  The Guardian Cap is a lightweight external soft cover that augments any existing helmet to make it flexible and soft, able to more effectively manage energy and mitigate repetitive, cumulative blows.

What is The Guardian Cap

Guardian Caps are the leading soft shell helmet cover engineered for impact reduction. It brings a padded, soft-shell layer to the outside of the decades old hard-shell football helmet. Helmet covers made of soft, lightweight urethane material and are one-size-fits-all. They attach to and cover the football/lacrosse helmet’s exterior.

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  • NFL and CFL mandated
  • Worn by 24/25 teams in the AP Top 25
  • 3000+ high schools and 750+ youth programs utilize Guardian Caps

The Science Behind The Guardian Cap

The Guardian Cap is backed by science and has been tested by multiple labs such as Biocore, Stanford University, Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, The University of Alberta, Wayne State University, etc. The Guardian Cap also won the NFL HeadHealthTECH Challenge I. It is now mandated for use by the NFL and CFL in practices. The most recent independent studies (Biocore Labs and Stanford University) show an average reduction of 10%-25% of HARM – head acceleration response metric.

Benefits of The Guardian Cap

There are extensive benefits of wearing a Guardian Cap which is being recognized through the football teams across the nation.

Lightweight: only 7 ounces and many players state that they do not notice a difference with it on their helmet

One-size-fits-all: fits all sizes from youth to adult

Moves Independently: four elastic straps attach the Cap to the helmet allowing for shifts at impact to redirect the energy

Keeps the helmet cooler: reduces radiant heat up to 20 degrees

Quiet: dampens sound waves and vibrations to remove the loud “crack” of the helmet

Slick: surface friction less than painted helmet shells

Preserves helmet: less wear and tear on helmet paint, decals and flex panels

Reduces HARM “head acceleration response metric”an average reduction of 10%-25% depending on impact velocity

Testimonials for Guardian Caps

Guardian Caps have left a significant impression on coaches, athletic trainers, equipment managers, parents, and players alike. Continue reading to explore the testimonials and expert opinions within the locker room that revolve around this groundbreaking product. Find more testimonials here!

Meet The Guardian Cap Team

How do I attach my Guardian Cap to my helmet?

  1. Set the Guardian Cap over the helmet
  2. Slip the 4 elastic straps attach cap to the facemask
  3. Secure the straps by wrapping around the edge of the helmets facemask
  4. Snap each strap in place (four snaps)
  5. Place the velcro buckles over the snap to ensure the snap doesn’t come apart
  6. Pull the velcro strap on the back of the helmet until it is tight