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With training camps underway, there is one visible difference that stands out: For the first time, some players from all 32 NFL teams are wearing Guardian Caps; our padded helmet cover worn on over the shell of the helmet to the impact of hits. It’s the latest example of the league’s continued work to foster innovation that leads to better, safer protective equipment for players.

In all 2022 preseason practices up until the second preseason game, all offensive linemen, defensive linemen, tight ends, and linebackers are required to wear the Guardian Cap, providing additional impact protection during the period when the league sees the greatest concentration of helmet impacts.

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NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: NFL is Testing Safer Helmets

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NFL Presents: League-wide Guardian Cap Use to Reduce Head Impacts

NFL Presents: League-wide Guardian Cap Use to Reduce Head Impacts with Guardian Caps

On August 11, 2022, the NFL hosted a webinar discussing the League’s comprehensive approach to reducing head impacts on the field. The conversation covered the new League-wide requirement of Guardian Cap this season, as well as other aspects of the NFL’s approach, including annual helmet testing, player helmet choice, and the collection and analysis of data that underpin these efforts. The full webinar is available to view below.

The panel of experts included:

  • Dr. Allen Sills, NFL Chief Medical Officer
  • Jeff Miller, Executive Vice President of Player Health and Safety, NFL
  • Dr. Jeff Crandall, Chair, NFL Engineering Committee
  • Reggie Scott, Vice President, Sports Medicine & Performance, LA Rams
  • Ron Courson, Executive Associate AD, Sports Medicine, University of Georgia
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Guardian Caps in Play

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Guardian Caps History with the NFL

The Guardian Cap was created in 2010 to address the clear need to advance the standard football helmet, which has changed little since the 1960’s.  Erin and Lee Hanson, owners of The Hanson Group LLC, utilized their 20+ years in the material science business to engineer, patent, and manufacture the Guardian Cap.

They began the process consulting with another company on a fully encompassed soft-shelled helmet.  They presented the helmet to football executives but did not get the buy in.  Erin and Lee realized that changing the look and sound of the game was a big “no” for a lot of football players, fans, and coaches.  They decided to take to market the affordable Guardian Cap that could be easily attached to the helmet during practices and taken off during games.  Reducing impact in practice was more than nothing.

The Guardian team’s focus began with the youth.  When Clemson and other power teams started wearing Guardian Caps in practices, more high school teams and youth leagues started inquiring.  In 2017, Guardian won the NFL HeadHealthTECH Challenge.  In 2020, the Guardian Cap was seen on multiple NFL teams for practices and after a year of data collection and lab testing that showed a “statistically significant” improvement over bare helmets alone, the NFL permitted Guardian Caps in the 2021 season.  In early 2022, the NFL owners announced that the League would be mandating the use of Guardian Caps during the early part of 2022 training camp for all OL, DL, TEs, and LBs.

Guardian continues to push the importance reducing impacts in youth – pro practices.

Guardian Caps are being used by over 100,000+ athletes nationwide to address impacts. See teams that wear Guardian Caps to reduce sub-concussive impacts in practices. To request more information, contact our team.

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