Coaches approve of the Guardian Cap

Football Player wearing Guardian Caps
Coaches – and Athletic Trainers  – highly approve of Guardian Caps.

We’ve heard feedback such as “Absolutely the best decision I have made as a coach” from George Petree, a high school HFC in Florida. And, “I couldn’t be more satisfied with the Guardian Caps. I would encourage any program to invest in them” from Justin Hemm, a high school HFC in Utah.

We’ve even had Scott Parker, a high school Head Athletic Trainer say: “It’s just another way to hopefully limit the risk of repetitive contact through day-to-day football drills. We all understand it can’t prevent or eliminate the risk of a concussion, but believe it’s worth it to protect our players by reducing the impact of the multiple sub-concussive blows to the head throughout a practice.”

Coaches from all over the U.S. have their teams wearing Guardian Caps because they see the benefits

Caps are now worn by the NFL, over 200+ colleges, 1500 high schools and 150+ youth leagues. The word is spreading and teams are purchasing Caps.

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Benefits of Guardian Caps:
  • Reduces impact up to 33%
    • The Guardian Cap brings a padded, soft-shell layer to the outside of the decades old hard-shell football helmet and reduces impact up to 33%.
  • One size fits all
    • The Guardian Cap stretches to fit all sizes, makes, and models of helmets
  • Preserve helmet
    • Less wear and tear on your helmet keeps paint and decals looking sharp for game day
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