Lacrosse Preseason Training Tips

Looking for lacrosse training tips to get you ready for preseason? PEARL has collected tips from our lacrosse influencers to help you train like a pro.

This preseason, dial in your stick skills with Strive Lacrosse Academy’s wall ball routine. Stock up on the balls he recommends to get you in top form.

Work on your mechanics, faster shot, and precise shooting/passing with Chazz Woodson. Chazz recommends using the PEARL NX, no bounce ball to hone in on your strength and mechanics, and the PEARL X for regular wall ball training.

Check out Joe Walters’ drill working on stepping down to shoot and ripping corners. You know what else makes it easier to track your shot to keep it on target? Our newest lacrosse ball product that provides better visibility and tracking on the field, the PEARL X Optic Yellow Ball.

POWLAX discusses adjacent slide and recovery for Defense. This great defensive tip will have your team dominating their defensive approach and locking down their opponents. Watch POWLAX in action hereĀ 

Practicing your tracking skills by using our PEARL Dual X 50/50 balls. This ball helps with revealing the speed and direction the ball is going in.