Guardian Caps Partner With American Youth Football 🏈

Guardian Sports is proud to announce that we are partnering with American Youth Football, the world’s largest youth football organization! We are so excited to be able to partner with AYF, to better protect the thousands of players they serve!

The Guardian Cap, which has been used by college, high school and junior football programs for years, became a mandatory feature of NFL training camps this summer.

The extra soft-shell pad worn over players’ helmets that was designed to decrease the amount of force received from hits to the helmet; not just helmet-to-helmet but also other body blows.

Guardian is proud to partner with AYF to offer special pricing to their members.

Join the movement and get your athletes in Caps!

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Guardian Caps in Play

Guardian Caps are being used by over 100,000+ athletes nationwide to address impacts. See teams that wear Guardian Caps to reduce sub-concussive impacts in practices. To request more information, contact our team.

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