MCLA Opens Membership to NCAA Schools

From The MCLA’s website:

ATLANTA – The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA), the preeminent non-varsity league in the country, has announced that it has opened its membership roll to non-varsity programs at institutions that also sponsor a varsity lacrosse team.

Since its inception in 1997, the MCLA has limited its membership to programs at institutions that do not have a varsity entity. The organization’s Board of Directors voted to reassess that policy and open up the league to all non-varsity programs that satisfy the MCLA’s stringent eligibility and organizational requirements.

“The growth of lacrosse at the youth and prep levels has exploded over the past two decades, meaning more and more student-athletes are looking to play competitive lacrosse at the non-varsity level,” said MCLA president Ken Lovic. “Allowing well-organized teams at institutions that have a varsity option is consistent with our goal of providing opportunity in the sport.”

Like all prospective members of the MCLA, all programs with varsity programs will go through an extensive vetting process through whichever conference they choose to join and satisfy all of the stipulations currently in place.

Student-athletes on an MCLA team at a varsity institution may only play for that team, and not a blend of varsity and non-varsity practice/competition.

Non-varsity programs at NCAA-sponsoring institutions can contact MCLA Executive Director Jac Coyne or MCLA President Ken Lovic for further information.

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