Gearing up for the 2021 Season – April Coaching Agenda

We’re back again with another Coaching agenda list for April!
  • Clinic season almost complete
  • Staff meetings to review all data and information collected at Clinics
  • Start scripting new plays/calls/blocking schemes
  • Interview Student-Athletes to be on leadership councils or culture teams for upcoming summer workouts
  • Interview managers and film personnel to fill roles for the upcoming season
  • One more round of peer to peer clinics. Connect with 1 to 2 staff either regionally or nationally and share program thoughts and ideas
  • Meet with Administration to make sure all summer plans are approved 
  • Make sure all equipment is inventoried and accounted for 
  • Meet with Booster or QB Club on their initiatives and goals
  • Check in with Youth organization to make sure sign ups are going smoothly
  • Walk the halls at the middle school or freshman building to recruit “on the fence” students about coming out for football
  • Host weekly meetings with those students-athletes struggling in the classroom 
  • Put finishing touches on your upcoming summer S&C and your summer on-field workouts
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