Guardian Caps Joins NFL Thursday Night Tailgate Podcast

Guardian Caps Joins NFL Thursday Night Tailgate Podcast
NFL Thursday Night Tailgate sits down with Guardian Caps

NFL Legends Greg Lloyd and Delvin Williams, Plus Guardian Caps Founders Lee & Erin Hanson Join NFL: Thursday Night Tailgate Podcast

Greg Lloyd shares his disdain for “this game you call football now.” We also get his thoughts on the current state of the Steelers, plus we get the story behind his now famous “I wasn’t hired for my disposition” t-shirt.

Delvin Williams talks about his college career at the University of Kansas and talking with the 2 star RBs that came before him, Gale Sayers and John Riggins. We hear about what it was like growing up poor in Houston’s 5th Ward, being drafted by the 49ers, the hurt feelings when they traded him to Miami so San Francisco could trade for OJ, and the difficulty of being suddenly retired when you’re cut and the phone doesn’t ring again.

Lee & Erin Hanson take us back to when and why they designed Guardian Caps which you see now on every helmet during training camp and practice. We hear about the long journey to getting their device approved by the colleges and the NFL, plus other safety-related products they’re working on.