The NFL is staying fresh for gameday 💪


Our caps are in full effect at NFL minicamps. Teams like the Dolphins and Steelers are already using Caps, the only impact-reducing, soft-shell helmet cover in the industry.

Guardian Cap debuts during minicamps in effort to reduce avoidable head contact. With the start of NFL minicamps came the first appearances of the new Guardian Cap, an extra soft-shell pad worn over players’ helmets that was designed to decrease the amount of force received from head contact and hopefully lower the number of concussion injuries usually seen during the lead-up to the season. “It’s for their safety,” coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday of the decision, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We don’t run away from these things. We run to those things. We’re going to make it a non-issue for us. It’s about the work that we do.”

Join the movement and get your athletes in Caps!

The Guardian Cap is the leading soft shell helmet cover engineered for impact reduction – bringing a padded, soft-shell layer to the outside of the decades old hard-shell football helmet and reduces impact of hits. Caps are being used by 500+ youth programs, 3000+ high schools, 275+ College Football teams, NFL mandated and CFL mandated.

Guardian Caps in Play

In case you missed it, every single Steelers player was repping Guardian Caps in their mandatory minicamp on June 8.



Guardian Caps are being used by over 100,000+ athletes nationwide to address impacts. See teams that wear Guardian Caps to reduce sub-concussive impacts in practices. To request more information, contact our team.