ECD Review: Textured Lacrosse Balls

pearl lt certified lacrosse ball

When shopping for textured lacrosse balls, you have a few options to choose from. Our friends at ECD created a video reviewing the textured lacrosse balls available on the market. 

Watch the video:

Highlights from the video:
Textured Option 1: PEARL LT
  • Available in white and yellow – also now available in Neon Pink, Orange and Green (not featured in the video)
  • All colors SEI Certified to meet NOCSAE, NCAA, NFHS guidelines. Certified for any level of game play
  • Balls have a good grip
  • Pricing is a good deal: $2.00/per ball, and down to $1.50 when you order a case of 100 balls
Textured Option 2: Wolf Hex Ball
  • Available in yellow, pink, orange and white
  • Pricing is expensive – $5.50/per ball
  • Developed with the PLL
  • The texture is different from other balls – it’s a dimpled pattern (similar to a golf ball) and is supposed to give it a more consistent play path 
  • Not certified for game play

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