Safety Starts In The Ground

At Guardian, we have a true passion and priority for better protecting all players in all sports.

Whether it’s in football (Guardian Caps), lacrosse (PEARL), or on fields (Guardian Turf Infill) – we’ve got you covered. 

We like to think of ourselves as “problem solvers” at Guardian. When we see a problem in the sporting industry, we create products to combat that problem. Our founders, Erin and Lee Hanson have 20+ years of experience owning and operating a material science and technology company enabling them to develop technologies that can enhance sports equipment.

In 2015, we saw a real problem with infill used on synthetic turf fields. 

The most popular infill for synthetic turf fields is created with crumb rubber (SBR) infill, which is made by grinding up recycled rubber car and truck tires. The rubber granules have been used on sports fields because of their shock absorption and elasticity.  However, rubber is a complex mixture and is made by combining many different components, some of which possess toxic and carcinogenic properties. When the infill sits in the sun, it becomes hot and some of the heavy metals and fillers will leach out and emit toxins into the air.  There has been speculation around whether recycled SBR rubber infill may give off toxins that are harmful to the environment and humans.

SBR Installers are often required to wear hazmat suits when they lay crumb rubber on fields. But yet, so many children from all over the world play sports on crumb rubber fields. 

We saw the issues with crumb rubber and wanted to provide a solution for consumers to feel confident about the turf infill their athletes are exposed to. 

We put our scientists to work to create an alternative that’s clean, bio-based, and longer-lasting.  Out of our US lab came our Guardian Bio-Based TPE Infill made with corn and soy oils.

A few key properties of the Guardian Bio-Based TPE Infill include: 
  • 8-10 year warranty
  • Lowers surface temperature by 28°F without the use of water
  • Can be used as a system or top dressing over SBR
  • Optimal energy restitution, ball rebound and Gmax
  • Low splash, minimal maintenance
  • Won’t freeze, harden or compact maintaining permeability
  • 350°F melt temp
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Non porous with zero dusting
  • Woman Owned Small Business accreditation  

Interested in learning more about Guardian Bio-Based TPE Infill or want to request a sample? Contact us here.