The Ball Makes a Difference

Pearl lacrosse ball

Greasers. We all know what they are, and it’s safe to say that we’re speaking for everyone when we say that we’re not fans. 

Not only do greasers harden over time, they also get extremely slippery, which causes issues when using them in game play. 

The below video was taken during the Nike National All Stars game, and shows just how slippery greasers can get when using them in game play.

*Video courtesy of Lax-Sharks and POWLAX

The ball used in this game caused not 1, but 5 turnovers….in under 2 minutes. Throughout the video you hear fans yelling, “get a different ball.” 

This goes to show that the lacrosse ball you choose makes a difference.

Traditional lacrosse balls (AKA “greasers”) are made from vulcanized rubber overseas and they tend to go out of spec over time getting greasy and hard. 

The PEARL X balls are made in the USA with a crosslinked polyurethane formula. The formula contains no oils, fillers, or substances that are banned by Prop 65 and thus never grease or get hard. 

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