Beware of ‘Greasers,’ Balls That Don’t Meet NOCSAE Standard

pearl lacrosse ball

“All lacrosse balls are the same.”

That might be the perception, but as we all know, outward appearances can be deceiving.

To start, any ball that you are using must meet a performance standard established by NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. The words “Meets NOCSAE Standard” must be visible on the ball itself.
Adherence to the standard is a matter of quality control, and indicates that the properties of the ball (weight, density, size, compression, etc.) conform to the standard. Consumers should be aware that cheaper balls that do not meet the standard are still available in the marketplace.

“There’s no guarantee of safety for balls that don’t meet the NOCSAE standard,” said Bruce Griffin, director of the Center for Sport Science at US Lacrosse. “Don’t be fooled.”

The most recent update to the standard included an adjustment in the compression ratio of the ball, making it even safer for play at all levels.” … Read More