Aragon Elastomers

polyurethane rock hold manufacturer

Aragon Elastomers

Aragon Elastomers, a sister company of Guardian, manufactures 90% of the rock holds in the USA.  Aragon has been the leading climbing hold manufacturer since 2002, supplying the premier climbing hold retailers with the strongest, most reliable and innovative product on the market.

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May 8, 2019

Aragon: Growing to Stay on Top

The Aragon Elastomers family expanded in 2019. Aragon made an asset purchase of Catalyst Productions at the beginning of the year, allowing David and Lisa Filkins to step back and begin a new chapter in their lives. Assets were moved to Aragon headquarters in Colorado in January. From the Catalyst brand list, Aragon agreed to […]

May 2, 2018

Aragon: The Science Behind Indoor Climbing

Guardian Rocks is manufactured by the leading polyurethane manufacturer in the US Aragon Elastomers. Aragon has been providing safe solid climbing holds to the climbing and playground industry since 2003. Their commitment to climber safety has been unwavering and they continue to this day to manufacture the safest climbing products for the leading brands in […]

September 30, 2013

Keeping Climbing Safe

Safety is the number one priority when introducing an “extreme” sport to your facility. Aragon understands this and manufactures climbing holds that are unbreakable, safe and most importantly fun to climb on! Our mission is to design, develop, and manufacture superior polyurethane solutions to meet the requirements and specifications of the industries and markets that […]