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Neon PEARL LT Balls

Pearl X Lacrosse Balls

re-engineered, greaseless, lacrosse balls

Pearl NX Lacrosse Balls

greaseless, same look/feel as a game ball without the rebound

Pearl LT Lacrosse Balls

textured lacrosse ball

Guardian Caps

reducing impact, one hit at a time

PEARL X Lacrosse Balls

Our re-engineered PEARL X lacrosse balls are made here in the USA with a special elastomer that never greases or hardens unlike traditional rubber lacrosse balls. PEARL X balls are SEI certified and meet the softer, safer NOCSAE spec.

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PEARL NX Lacrosse Balls

Designed to match the size, weight, and feel of a standard lacrosse ball, PEARL NX no-bounce lacrosse balls provide all of the feel without the bounce or rebound. This ball is made of our re-engineered elastomer and never greases.

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PEARL LT Lacrosse Balls

One-of-a-kind textured lacrosse balls that are SEI certified for gameday and meet NOCSAE specs. PEARL LT’s slight texture prolongs its grip and delays the effects of greasing.

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Lacrosse Caps

The leading soft-shell helmet cover engineered for impact reduction. It brings padded, soft-shell technology to the outside of the decades old hard-shell football helmet and reduces impact up to 33%.

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June 18, 2021

PEARL X- Durable and Eco-Friendly Lacrosse Ball

A True Passion for Solving Problems. At Guardian Sports, we have a true passion for solving problems in the sports industry. Many people don’t know the history behind the PEARL lacrosse ball and why we set out to make a better ball. PEARL X is better for players, and better for the environment.     The […]

June 16, 2021

How to keep up your game during the summer

Summer is here. For laxers, this means the season is over and regular games and practices have slowed down.  But, just because there’s more free time that doesn’t mean there should be less time spent on lacrosse. Keep up your game this summer by participating in some of the below ideas!   WATCH LACROSSE FILM  […]

May 14, 2021

PEARL Player of the Game – MCLA Invitational

This year, we’re proud to sponsor the “PEARL Player of the Game” at The 2021 MCLA Invitational. The Player of the Game will be selected at the conclusion of every game in Round Rock and will receive a PEARL prize package. Supporting The MCLA “We are very thankful to have PEARL as a sponsor of […]